These are simply a collection of websites I seem to frequent
Short inspirational videos in a variety of topics, including business.
Deliver great results creating and optimizing SaaS, Mobile Apps, Facebook Apps, Facebook or Adwords Advertising or regular websites.
A great blog on social media (especially Facebook) but also covers Google Adwords etc.
Information, tools and links for developing SME’s recommended by the New Zealand Government.
A fantastic community for business women to start, manage and grow organizations.  They provide wonderful educational webinars, videos and audios on a variety of business related topics.  I like how the audios are often around 10 minutes (not too long).
Another community for female entrepreneurs – videos can be a bit long, but I have REALLY enjoy their business book-club!
One of the cheapest suppliers of books online – prices INCLUDE delivery!
American Marketing Association’s website.
Simple site that lets you know the speed of your internet connection for downloads or uploads.  Great if needing to transfer large files and you want to know how long it will take.  For example, is it going to take the length of time to make a cup of tea or watch an hour long TV program?!?
Design thinking to provide optimized business solutions.  Applicable in product, service or process settings.  Based on the concept described here.  The idea was originally formed by Stanford University.  I enjoyed learning the process at a an Auckland PDMA event.
A glossary (that was simple enough for me to understand) regarding mobile advertising terms and concepts.
A working color wheel, to help choose color ways; monochromatic, analogous, triad, complementary, compound, shades or custom
A helpful site it lets you temporarily go over the line limit for Ads in Google while working out copy optimization (in Adwords this function is not available, which makes it hard to edit copy).

Let me know if you can recommend any other great business websites! 🙂